Welcome to the Man-Made Artifacts Company

Makers of Useable and Unusual Crafted Specimens, the Man-Made Artifacts Company manufactures commodity oddities for your amusement, utility and welfare. All products are hand-crafted, in the USA, by a German-American using materials* from America. (*when possible)

BUY AMERICAN. Support local and regional manufacturers. Get the satisfaction of domestic goods, restore community vitality and enjoy a common-focused direction for commerce.
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Save Our Shores

Countless ships faithfully filled with parcels of products arriving on shores consistently cast out on conventional cargo conveyors continually dispatched on target to identical depot locations in towns, cities and villages, forcefully finding their fateful destination on your body, in your home, wrapped up for baby, fit for your ear, on your screen, perfuming your walls, under your covers, filling your head, out of mind, securely smother your soul in a subtle stranglehold with a foreign uh-fare…have you been saved?